My name is Denise Blashko and I am the creator and owner of Denalex Success Solutions.  My adventure into entrepreneurship started with a hobby Aromatherapy and Mobile Relaxation Massage business in and around the Lower Mainland.  My home always smelled amazing and I was the go-to for mother’s day, birthdays, wellness days and administrative professional days!  Lack of knowledge about running a business and a lack of belief that people can make a living being self-employed kept the business as a side hobby and eventually my career aspirations into management took over.  Over the next several years I was fortunate to experience being a Customer Service Manager in manufacturing as well as a National Sales Manager in the health and wellness Industry.  Both of which gave me huge insights into what makes people tick – including staff, colleagues & clients.  



I played a lot of sports in my younger days. Competitive soccer and curling were the main ones with curling taking over in my mid 20’s.
As a competitive curler and coach, I was continuously learning about high-performance athletes and the power and importance of the mind and strategy in achieving success.  The best teams and athletes have coaches and so do the wannabes!  I always wondered why coaching wasn’t more mainstream in business and life.  That curiosity and experience led me to work with a Life Coach personally and professionally which ultimately led me to enrolling at Erickson College in Vancouver to learn for myself the power of coaching in all areas of our lives.    


In 2002 I completed my Solution Focused Coaching and Human Development Certificate from Erikson College and then completed the Self Employment Program from Community Futures in Penticton. It was a wild journey for sure but some of the best learning opportunities that more of us should be exposed to at all ages and stages of life. I then launched my business called Let’s GO! Coaching & Training Services and it really took off in Central Alberta where I was able to work with the Central Alberta Sports Development Centre, Central Alberta Economic Partnership, Red Deer College and many entrepreneurs, businesses and young high-performance athletes in the area. 


Life and family changes brought me back to the Okanagan in 2011.  Excited to report that I was able to work with Community Futures in Penticton fairly soon after I returned.  Right in the same place where I learned all about self-employment and worked with so many great entrepreneurs and instructors.  Five years later, rounding out this chapter of my story was my very humbling and eye-opening time working with the South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce.  Here I got to see first hand the struggles and challenges of entrepreneurs and small business in rural areas.  So many community-minded people trying to keep up with online shopping, new and ever-changing technology, empty stores, DIY resurgence, and on and on.  Never mind fewer people doing more work and the ongoing staffing struggle.  What does this mean for you?  Well, it means I have more than 20 years career and entrepreneurial experience and I am ready to serve those of you who need and want a hand in realizing your goals and dreams.  I am fortunate to have built connections with many professional colleagues and if I am unable to help you then we can point you in the right direction. 

Reach out today.  Tell me your story – where are you now and where do you want to be?  Let’s connect and see where I can help.  





letsgo (at) denalexsuccesssolutions.ca

Call or Text: 250-535-3335

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