October 10 is World Mental Health Day and it is a good time to recognize that being an entrepreneur can be really tough with lots of ups and downs and more ups and downs. So it really is important for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to find a good support system and to remember to find balance in your life and be sure to regularly get your self-care in.

Health and wellness is a vital component for success in business – for owners and staff. Often the first thing that people think of when we talk about health and wellness is the physical aspect.  We go to the doctor regularly for check-ups, we go to the gym, walk, bike to get fitter and stronger, we know when we have overdone it in the garden because our muscles hurt.  To lead a truly healthy and happy life it can be beneficial to look at the many other areas that make up our world.

Physical – Emotional – Professional – Environmental – Spiritual – Financial – Social – Intellectual to name a few!

Take some time to ask yourself how you are doing in each of these areas.  Doing this regularly will help you be more mindful in your life and to notice and address something before you feel overwhelmed, sad or exhausted.    It can also be helpful the other way – you may be feeling blah and unfulfilled but when you actually take a closer look – you are doing really great in most areas and it allows you to celebrate all that is good!

Feel free to revise the categories so that it fits your current circumstances and priorities in your life.  (This simple Circle Snap Shot can also be used with your staff, departments or management team. For example you can fill in your team value words or departments or products or services and evaluate at your monthly team meetings and use it as a guide to set priorities.

You can use a journal or draw your own pie chart to keep track of how you are doing.  Click here to download and print our SNAP SHOT which is a simple life chart for you to use as a jumping point.

Here are some questions to get you going!

On a scale from 1 -10 (1 being not satisfied at all and 10 being things are fantastic) how I am doing in the intellectual area of my life?  Am I learning at work, am I learning at home?  Do I feel challenged and mentally stimulated in my work or the projects that I take on?  Mark down your number and / or draw a line on the pie chart that represents how fulfilled you are in this dimension and then continue to the next category until all areas have been marked off.  (Use colours, emojis if you like – customize this to work for you)

Then take a moment and just notice how your life wheel looks.  Do you have a few very high areas and a few low areas? Or are you fairly neutral in the majority of your categories? Are you low in most?  Are you high in most? We are all very different in how we measure this – so perhaps having 7’s across the board is your happy place and that is ok.  For others, they would like to bring those numbers up.  Often people can see that there are two or three categories really high and the others really low – so working on balancing this will be very valuable to you.

If you are not happy with where you are at – ask yourself how can I bring it up a notch?  What can I do this week or tonight even to bring me up on the scale just a bit – or all the way to a 10?  What does an 8, 9 or 10 look like for you in each of the categories?  Defining this in your journal or on the back of your page, or even in your mind will give you something to work towards.  Capture some doable action steps and get some momentum going.

We as humans aren’t meant to go it alone!  If you need some support in any area of your life – or if you just have more fun with others then be sure to reach out to a friend, a coworker, your doctor, your wellness practitioner, find a counselor, support group or a community organization that can help and inspire you to take charge of your health and happiness.

Reach out if you want help working through this for yourself, one of your staff or your team. 250-535-3335 or letsgo@denalexsuccesssolutions.ca and be sure to get connected with us on Instagram or Facebook.