Be proactive and let us be an extension of your team. Our skill set is versatile, our vibe is positive and we are committed to your success. 

What We Do Best

 Sometimes you just need a task or project completed. Don’t let yourself get frustrated or overwhelm your staff.  We offer a wide range of administrative and business services.  It can be a one-time simple task, a regular monthly task or a larger project or event. 


Policies and procedures, job descriptions, employee agreements, privacy policy, contracts.  You know – all that important documentation!  We can create yours from scratch or update your current ones.  

Email List & Newsletter Set Up

A customer list and email is a must for any business. We can set this up for you as well as a newsletter or blog so that you can share your expertise and products or services with current and potential customers.   

Projects & Events

Do you need someone to research and put together a proposal? Do you need to overhaul or upgrade a space in your office? Do you have an event that you need someone to coordinate? (South Okanagan, Similkameen & Boundary) 

Content Writer

If you don’t have time or are stuck with what to write for your website, correspondance, newsletters or blog posts then we have the skills and experience to help get your message across professionally. Speciality areas are health, wellness, coaching and building community. (Proof Reading/editing too!) 

Social Media

For this to be done right it needs a dedicated person giving it regular daily attention.  Often this is added to the job description of already busy staff who try to do it off the side of their desk or after hours!  Let us take this over for you and give it the creativity and committment that each platform requires.    

Assistant Tasks and Errands

Do you need someone to manage your email, mail, return phone calls, book appointments, and send invoices? South Okanagan clients –  do you need something picked up and delivered asap? When you have run out of time for something or just need a one-off call us to see how we can help.  





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Call or Text: 250-535-3335

Chasing Rabbits…..and Squirrels! 

Chasing Rabbits…..and Squirrels! 

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Write Things Down – Make Things Happen!

Write Things Down – Make Things Happen!

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Don’t Get Stuck in the Weeds!

Don’t Get Stuck in the Weeds!

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