MARKETING - Telling Your Story

Telling your story in a powerful, meaningful and memorable way is vital to being seen and to stand out for your customers.  There are so many avenues and ways to market and promote your company so taking the time to create your plan is key to measurable success.

Marketing Basics

Many rural small businesses have very little promotional materials and no plan in place for marketing their product or service.  It doesn’t take tens of thousands of dollars or to be the first on a new platform.  We want to help you look at marketing as an important investment and not a difficult expense. Let’s start simple and let’s start small with one step.  Here are a few ways that we can help you in the marketing department.    

Market Research

When is the last time you looked into your industry and your competition?  This is an important part of your success equation and can be built in to your ongoing activities.     

4 P's - Kicking it Old School

Oh yes – back to business plan class 101.  Place, Price, Product, Promotion. And don’t forget the 5th and 6th P’s – Purple cows and pigs in the windows! 

Putting it all together - The Plan

One pagers all the way to detailed yearly social media calendars.  Let us help you formalize the steps required to achieve the revenue and results you want and need.  

The Nitty Gritty Budget

Yes we can help you with a budget.  More importantly we want to help you look at telling your story as an investment and not an expense.  We will work with you on Return on Investment and find the best places to reach new and existing customers.      

Sale & Marketing - Dynamic Duo

Small rural businesses often don’t have a sales force and / or a marketing team.  So we need to be realistic and tackle them together and come up with achievable goals and action steps!  

Impactful Marketing

Small business in small towns have the opportunity to get involved in small ways that can help big time!  Let’s work together to look at your social and environmental impact in your communties.  





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