What do you do to get organized for the day? How do you capture your ideas and things that you need to do? Are you a person who likes whiteboards, sticky notes, daytimers, or digital organizing apps like Evernote or Onenote? One thing is clear in today’s busy world we need to have a system that works for us and our teams to help keep important tasks and notes in one place.

Everyone is different and you have to experiment with a variety of methods, software and apps to find what works best for you. Most successful entrepreneurs have figured out what works for them and works with their staff to find a solution that works for the team. There are so many team platforms that can keep everyone on track and show individual and team progress in one place. Some are free and some have monthly fees. Microsoft Office 365 is of course a well known and robust office suite for business of all sizes. There are also apps such at Trello and Asana that can help individuals and teams keep on track of projects and tasks. Spend some time on what you and your team need to be more productive and then search and compare a few platforms and apps to find the best choice for you.

Even if you lean towards technology based tools there is something about physically putting pen to paper or marker to whiteboard to help solidify your thoughts and goals in writing. If you haven’t done it in awhile or you sporadically do it then I say give it a go! Find a journal, planner or a notebook or just a binder with paper in it and start writing down your goals and strategies and thoughts and ideas. For teams have a white board in a common area that narrows down what you are focused on for the day or week.

You may be surprised what things happen for you and at the very least checking off a few things from your list will help keep the momentum going and increase your productivity.