An ancient proverb states that If you chase two rabbits you will not catch either one.  In today’s busy world our time and attention can easily be divided.  With social media and local and online business news from around the world right at our fingertips, we are keenly aware of all the opportunities available for our business. We can easily be attracted or enticed to start a project or participate in or host an event that will help grow our company when we haven’t even completed other important projects.

To help reduce the impact on our business and our bottom line it is important for business owners to have clear priorities set for the year, quarter, month, and week. This can then be shared with staff and key people to ensure the tasks are completed, things stay on track and the team can share in a sense of accomplishment. This also needs to be paired with a strong understanding of how much everyone has on their plates already and what realistically can be added to someone’s responsibilities.

Of course, businesses have a lot on the go and there are times where everyone is flat out. That is a good sign for a business. However, keeping that pace for owners and staff and taking on too many projects or changes just results in things being done ok and possible burn out.

So take the time and identify your key priorities with ideal timelines. Be prepared to say no to people and opportunities so that you are able to do a solid job on your most important priorities. Saying no is also important so that you protect your time so that as ideal opportunities come up you are nimble enough to say yes because you or your staff aren’t already maxed out.

What are your strategies for staying on track? What are your boulders or big projects for this year? Why is it important for you to complete them? What happens if they don’t get done?