BRANDING - Writing Your Story

Today’s business world has become noisy, busy and global. So to compete and stay relevant to your customer takes work and more than just having a product or service to sell.  

Let’s Simplify

Branding can be complicated with websites sharing the 12 step process and textbook branding being 1000 pages.  It is all valuable stuff but can be overwhelming for some.  So we are here to help entrepreneurs, micro and small business that need a good foundation for their branding.  Here are some of the areas where we excel.  Where could your company brand use some attention?     

Who are you?

What do you and your company stand for?  What is your mission, purpose, and values?  This isn’t just fluff – it is an important step which will prove valuable in all areas of your business.  

What is your product or service?

What makes you and your product or service special and different than others?  Why should someone spend their hard earned money on what you have for sale?

Who are your customers?

Some research and definition here will go a long way as you build your business and your strategies.  

Logo, Tagline, Colours

All the fun and creative details matter when putting together your branding.  We can help you sort this out and create a concept that can then go to the next step.  Starting from the beginning or just time to freshen up!

Brand Messaging

What is your brand’s voice?  Is it funny, knowledgeable, uses simple language? What is your message? We can help you get this right so that you and your team stay consistent and your brand comes through loud and clear.  

Branding Guide

A simple document to keep all of your marketing materials the same to ensure people start to recognize and be familiar with your brand.  





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