We are in the last few weeks of the third quarter of 2018. Crazy right??!! Time for one of my favourite coaching tools for achieving success and staying on track with my business goals. (Great tool for using with staff, teams, family and in your personal life as well!) It is called the 3Rs and I learned it many years ago in a professional development course. Review Regroup Refocus. It is even more applicable in today’s fast-moving world as opportunities and things happen in business where small and early adjustments can make a big difference.

(So backing up a bit – setting BIG PICTURE goals is awesome! You know the ones – where do you want your business to be in 3 years, 5 years? The Vision Boards for your teams that you have in your coffee room with the inspirational pictures of why you do what you do and what you want to achieve. If you don’t have these yet go ahead and do some research and find some inspiration. (Or contact us and we can help as well!) These are so important to help you stay motivated long term and to help make solid decisions throughout the years.

Out of that big picture thinking and visioning comes the breakdown over the years, quarters and months of the steps for how you are going to achieve your vision. This is where the magic and momentum comes in! How do you capture your goals and commitments? What does your strategy map look like? What are your key action steps for short-term results? We can get so busy with day to day business that we forget to check in and course correct early. So it is so important to have these captured somewhere and bring them out often or display them daily.)

Let’s carve out some time this week to do an early quarterly check-in so that we ensure that we are lined up to meet our 3rd quarter goals and that we are sticking to our commitments. Doing this early and often allows us to see if there are any major things that need to happen for the next quarter’s success and ultimately for our year-end success.

Here are our ACTION STEPS:

* Book 15 – 30 minutes in your calendar ASAP to do the Warm Up 3Rs for your 3rd Quarter. This can be done by yourself or with others on your team. Remember this is just a quick check in – at the actual end of each quarter, you can do this process more formally for a longer time frame and with more staff. For now, it is meant to be a quick check in so you can do some power coaching with yourself or with your team over the remaining days of the month to ensure 3rd Quarter Success.

Let’s get started!

REVIEW – Pull out your 3rd Quarter Goals and go over each one of them to honestly assess how you are doing. (If you don’t have any goals set yet don’t worry – just take this time to capture a few of them in writing and continue from there).

REGROUP – Acknowledge and give yourself a ‘Way to go’ on the ones that you are doing good on or you have achieved. How are you feeling about everything? How about the team? Has anything come up in the last couple of months that need you to tweak any of your goals and commitments? Has an amazing advertising opportunity come up? Are you short staffed and need to extend or delete something? Are you short on sales targets of a new product you were featuring for third quarter? What kind of a campaign can you do over the next few weeks to bring it top of mind for your staff and your customers? Take the time to think things through and regroup. Capture the thoughts and brainstorming!

REFOCUS – Based on the regroup, make any revisions to, or additions or deletions of any of your goals and commitments in your official documentation and post where you need to post! For the ones that need attention write them down, or capture them on your staff room whiteboard, or in your app or calendar so that they stay in the priority list and top of mind. Share with the team via email, Trello, Google Docs, or lunchroom whiteboard. Wherever and however your team communicates. Have fun with it and keep things in line with your company culture. Put a friendly challenge in place, come up with something small and inexpensive like ‘Boss will do a coffee run if we make our goal’. The 3Rs is meant to be energizing and fun like a football or soccer team huddle! For the solopreneurs out there – find a group of other solopreneurs to do this with or officially connect and set this up with one other business owner so that you can help motivate each other and stay on track!

Again, even if you don’t have your Big Picture, Vision or quarterly goals set out – I invite you to use this exercise as your springboard to get started! Don’t overthink just sit down and ask yourself what do I want to have completed by Sept. 30? It could be make a list of phone calls that you have been putting off and get them done by the end of the month! Keep it super simple and grab paper and pen and write three things down that you want to achieve by September 30.

Brainstorming ideas for goals and action steps!

Solopreneurs – I want to reach out to 10 new potential clients or I am going to make 5 social media posts each week. For those of you that don’t have a Success Map made yet for 2018 – then your 3rd quarter goal could be that you are going to create your 4th quarter goals by September 30 or that you are going to formalize your Vision or Big Picture for your business by September 30.

Business owners with staff – find some time to have a quick stand up power meeting with team members and come up with goals that energize them and help achieve the greater company goals. For your customer service staff – it could be something like – Reach out to 3 clients that you haven’t heard from in a while and say hello or send 3 thank you cards out to some of your biggest fans. For your marketing person – perhaps you are at 463 likes on Facebook and that is where your biggest engagement is. You could set a goal of 500 likes before the end of the month and let them come up with a strategy of how that can be achieved. Let them roll with it and at the end of the quarter, you can do the 3Rs together.

So many thoughts and ideas – don’t be shy – share where you are at in the process of creating your business strategies or Success Map! How are you doing with your 3rd quarter goals so far?  Are you on track for meeting your big dreams for 2018?  What are some of your goals that you are excited about or extra energized to achieve? Certainly, keep your trade secrets to yourself – but in my experience sharing what you are working on can’t hurt and often it helps! Sometimes it can bring you something – or someone – that is perfectly aligned to help you achieve your goals or it may win you fans that like what you are working towards.

Reach out to us if you are interested in finishing 2018 strongly and need some help! Or perhaps you want to create a solid Success Map for 2019….we want you to succeed!